Our Story

Blue Sky MLS, Inc. (‘BSMLS’) is one of the original outsource providers for individual companies and the
financial industry, offering comprehensive services for blue sky administration. For more than 27 years,
BSMLS has been providing cost effective solutions for compliance and registration requirements of public and
private companies, mutual funds, hedge funds, broker dealers, and investment advisors for a diverse client
base, including investment companies, law firms, fund administrators, CPAs, broker dealers, investment
advisors and individual public and private companies..

At Blue Sky MLS, Inc. our focus is client services. It is important to us that our clients understand that
we will always be available to answer their questions – or to assist them in any possible way. We feel that
the dedication to our company’s goal of client satisfaction, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the
industry, presents the most beneficial client relationship possible.
Our network of clients allows us to introduce possible ongoing relations between public and private
companies to the investment community.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of experienced individuals with diverse backgrounds that align with our goal of
maintaining exceptional client services. The regular interaction of our staff with federal and state agencies
gives Blue Sky MLs, Inc. the ability to provide the best outsourcing services in the industry.